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35-45 pound labradoodle puppies coming soon!!


How did they come about and when?

Labradoodles actually were introduced not that long ago, in fact it was around 1988 when labradoodles first made an appearance. They were initially bred to be used as hypoallergenic guide dogs! Interesting right?

It’s time to talk more about our Labradoodles coming on June 30th! Its coming quick!! This combination of Labrador retriever and poodle is an excellent family dog who’s often sought out by allergy sufferers because of their minimal shedding. These puppies will have wavy and a very manageable coat! You will still need to plan for regular grooming appointments. These puppies will likely health test at around 70% poodle and 30% lab. (estimated)

The Labradoodle is highly trainable and, unlike some dogs, a good fit for first-time dog owners. They will be a great size! Not to big but not to small either. They are great with kids and will adapt to their family's lifestyle. Expect lots of zoomies and more than happy to play with whoever is willing. Labradoodles do tend to be very loyal to their owners. There will never be a dull moment. They have huge personalities! Labradoodle need exercise, though the amount of running, playing, or swimming might depend on their personality. Labradoodles love to go on long walks and play in the backyard with their human. If you like to hike your new furry friend might just make a great partner!

Some Labradoodles go on to become service dogs, as the breed creator originally intended. But don't confuse them for docile dogs. Mischievous behavior can be counteracted with training, which Labradoodles quickly pick up on.

Labradoodles seem to mature slower than their Labrador retriever, so they’ll be puppyish for about a year and a half. Then they’ll become even more affectionate toward their humans at maturity. They’re mostly quiet, keeping barking to a minimum, but Labradoodles’ energy level can vary. The dogs with more Labrador genes (F1s) will be more energetic than the ones with more poodle in their blood. Labradoodles will often reflect the energy levels of their owner, but they're still descendants of sporting dogs who like having something to do. Whether that means long walks together or playing games in the yard, a Labradoodle will be happiest with any activity he can do with you.

If you live in an apartment or smaller home where yard space is limited, make sure you can regularly fit in enough exercise and play for your active pup to blow off some steam.

Labradoodle owners will need to put the work in with positive reinforcement training and to meet their activity needs. It's important to start training your Labradoodle puppy as soon as you bring him home. Labradoodles are considered smart dogs and will pick up what you're teaching very quickly. Want to know something even better? Labradoodles are smart enough that daily training doesn’t take too long. 3-4 10 minuet sessions per day might just be enough! Seek training from a professional if you are a newbie. Also, just like other doodles early socialization is pretty important!

We can't wait to show them off!!

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