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Isn't she just the best! This labradoodle girl is just so much fun! Plus, I don't think she could be anymore gorgeous!

The word Double Doodle makes me smile. Double Doodles are intelligent! They also are big lovers and very accepting to strangers. They will be your best friend and they are very loyal to their humans. You are going to love their coat. Soft, fluffy, and manageable. I personally love their faces. I think they look like a real life teddy bears.

What are Double Doodles? Well in this case Isla the labradoodle will be the momma and Mr. Wilson the Goldendoodle will be the dad. These puppies will health test at 75% poodle. So technically they will be F3 Double Doodles. Due to the high amount of poodle in these puppies you should expect very minimal shedding if any. I much prefer to keep 75% of poodle in any sort of doodle due to them being as hypoallergenic as possible. This hybrid breed came about over 30 years ago.The objective of this designer breed was to create a family dog that would be both friendly and easy to take care of. Double Doodles learn quickly and love to be in a social setting. The key to this breed is for the Double Doodle to know who the leader of the family pack is. They want to make you happy!

I can't say it enough.... But these puppies are great for families. They will love you, be loyal, and they love social settings. Double Doodles will probably expect to be one of the kids. If you are looking for a guard dog this is not your breed! This breed does thrive off of activity. If you like to run... then so do they! Fetch?? Heck ya! Long walks? YES PLEASE! The mix of genes in the Double Doodles allow them to live a long healthy life. Seriously couldn't ask for much more good stuff in a pup!

Who needs a Double Doodle in their life??? Doodles make your days brighter!

Isla pictured below! Isla is getting her groom on!

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