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2020 has been insane! We recently were able to take (due to covid) a family road trip back to our home state MN. It was amazingly nice to be able to spend some much needed time with family and friends. The weather was fantastic. The mosquitos were terrible. We left Mr. Wilson, and Bruno in the loving care of my (favorite) aunt Jo who lives here is Arizona. Jo also happens to be my guardian home for Pearl. I cannot even tell you how many cool tricks auntie Jo has taught Pearl. I swear she could be a professional dog trainer herself. Pearl is one lucky girl!

We were gone for almost 4 weeks! We drove so many hours! In fact an insane amount of hours. I will make this quick: We drove from AZ to Colorado. Then Colorado to MN. Then MN to Montana. Then Montana to South Dakota. Then SD to MN. Then FINALLY MN back home to AZ. No I'm not lying. 100% truth.

I will never forget this trip!! We made so many good memories. But, I cannot even begin to express how much we missed our Doodles. We left part of our family in AZ. I wouldn't have expected being away from them to be so hard, but it was. I'm not sure we would do it again. I never realized how much my boys look to our doodles for comfort. But I see it almost daily now. Just this morning my oldest son Cullen was so eager just to be able to feed them and give them water. Also, the middle of the day doodle

snuggles. Or when 1 brother feels left out from the other 2... its ok because they can just play fetch with Mr. Wilson. Or using Mr. Wilson as a pillow while playing video games. They were so excited to play a game they made up with Mr. Wilson as soon as we got back from our road trip called "pool tag". Its so funny watching the boys try and play hide and seek when they have friends over because Mr. Wilson always knows exactly where all of the kids are hiding. Mr. Wilson and Bruno are alway there to love or to be loved. I lost count of the days that ended with tears while we were gone. I had three boys that terribly missed their 2 fur brothers. Its a missed sort of comfort or therapy when they are not present. In the crazy world we live in right now I am grateful we have Mr. Wilson and Bruno. Our Doodles make our life brighter everyday.

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