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Finally caught up!

Updated: Feb 26

WOW! This has been an unexpected adventure!! As we are approaching litter number 10 I am finally caught up!!

Mr. Wilson originally became a daddy to help a family get a therapy doodle who otherwise wouldn't have been able to afford it. Of course, prior to matching the parents I did an insane amount of research and got Mr. Wilson health tested and 100% cleared.

What a weird world we live in right now! Its almost as if someone hit a pause button. Life came to almost a complete standstill for our family. It wasn't all bad. It allowed us to slow down a bit and spend more time together. The other thing that it allowed me to do is really put some thought into what kind of breeder I wanted to be! I hate that word..( breeder) I like to call it "puppy raising". I don't want to just hand a puppy over to a family and shut the door. I want to give my families all of the tools they could ever need to make sure that they are able to turn that doodle puppy into the best family member that they could have ever hoped for! I even adopted a new puppy raising program by BAXTER & Bella! I will be incorporating a 8 week program into raising my Sunny Doodle puppies! Providing all of the early socializing and stimulation activities necessary to make sure your puppy is off to a great start! YES!! It has been time consuming and a TON of work. But I know it will be worth it. So many other things have been finalized as well. I can now provide 30 days of free pet insurance. I have developed a relationship with a online training system(BAXTER&BELLA) which gives my adopting families a 25% discount for a lifetime of training. Both of the owners are super helpful and offer myself and my families whatever support they need. I also found an awesome local trainer if my families are looking for in person training! My Sunny Doodle puppies can now go home microchipped which is awesome! We work with a few AWESOME vets who take such amazing care of our puppies! I am able to provide take home samples of a super effective immune boosting wafer NuVet which also has a fabulous line of safe grooming products to use on your puppy. Also, I am SOOO happy I was able to figure out ( I am not computer or tech savvy) how to.... this is going to sound silly..... create an easy shopping list for my families to shop from! I can't tell you how many times I have been asked to create this list! BOOM! DONE! I can't forget how much time Ive spent building this website. As mentioned above I am not tech savvy. I am a retired hairstylist who moved here to AZ only 3 years ago from MN. I DID IT! All by myself. Its pretty dang cool what you can do when you are determined. PLEASE NOTE: I AM NOT A WRITER EITHER! LOL

Tonight I sent out emails with loads of information to my families who are anxiously waiting to be able to bring home their Mr. Wilson and Holly pup. Tonight I feel a sense of accomplishment and that I am a good puppy raiser who has spent a insane amount of hours, days, months and years getting to where I am tonight. I am organized and able to provide my families with all of the necessary things they will need to add an amazing doodle to their family. Its been a really good day! Almost as if a chapter is closing and a new one beginning! This might be TMI but Mr. Wilson had a date tonight with Tessa. They should be having a repeat litter in about 64 days... which means we will have Christmas babes!!!! I am ready! oh yea and did I mention??? I found out today that my kids get to go back to school in person on August 17th! It really has been a fantastic day!! I also have a fabulous husband who always supports my crazy ideas:)

I am not kidding when I say this.... Doodles really do make days brighter!


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