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Here we go! Lets get this party started!!

I am so excited my family and I get to share our love of Doodles in a small way. This is the very beginning of our Doodle story. I will fill you in along the way on how our story plays out. This will be our first time whelping puppies in our home. Part of me feels a little crazy for taking this on. But for those of you who already have a doodle as part of your family I think you completely understand how I got here.

This is us:

Our house is a bit crazy with 3 boys still at home. It was even crazier when my daughter wasn't so old and still lived at home. This picture was recently taken while on vacation in Montana. So under our roof at home lives: Autumn (wife, mom, doodle mom, house cleaner, taxi driver, and I could go on and on) Sean (dad, loving husband, hard worker, also taxi driver, and so on). Cullen our oldest boy is 10. Gavin our middle child is 8. Lastly our baby Vinny who is 5. Missing in this picture is our 2 dogs. No wait, 4 dogs. A long while ago we found out our oldest son Cullen has animal allergies. I say animal because some of the most random animals give him a reaction. So we were very limited on the type of pet we could get. Thats how we got Bruno! Bruno is our Miniature poodle. He was/is tiny and cute but not enough dog for my boys. Bruno was our daughters dog(although she did not take him when she moved outLOL). So..... then came Mr. Wilson!! Mr. Wilson is our wonderful F1B goldendoodle. We all LOVE him. Yes, even my husband Sean loves him. Although he might not admit it. Long story how Mr. Wilson first became a stud. We can get to that one a different day. But he did and I fell in love with the puppy part. Maybe because I haven't had to do the really crappy part of having puppies. But I will soon because I found 2 perfect future mommas who I placed in guardian homes to make sure they have the family life they deserve. Selfishly I wanted to keep both Pearl and Isla for our family but I know they will be spoiled rotten with their Furever families.

Well that's it for now! Now you know a little about my family and I. I am sure I will have lots of happy stories ahead and lets face it... some that I am pulling my hair out over.



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