• Autumn Ferrian

Holly and Mr. Wilson


I truly have been so lucky to developed such good friendships with the Mommas family. As most of you know I co-own my litters right now. Meaning momma of the puppies have a different owner than myself. We have had some repeat litters as well which has made this process even more fun as we have grown together.

Mr. Wilson and Holly puppies are currently 5 weeks old! These puppies are currently weighing in at 7-10 pounds which means they are going to be HUGE! Also, their coats are coming in beautifully! A couple Curly and the rest wavy! Which means minimal shedding. The curlier the coat usually means the least amount of shedding:) I really try and keep more poodle in the genetics to help ensure we don't have issues with shedding. Just my preference.

As I was talking with Momma owner Alyssa this morning she let me know that these puppies have a FAVORITE toy! Its always great when I can share an item with a family that will make the transition a little bit easier when they bring their puppy home! Apparently these giant puppies like to carry this ball around by the feet. LOL. So I will drop the link to order if you would like! Alyssa has size LARGE. I would recommend getting the same size as these puppies will not be getting any smaller:)

Have a great day everyone!!!



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