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Some of my favorite puppy starters!

Bringing home a new puppy will require some prep work. It is such an exciting time for everyone! You are about to take on the fun and crazy world of puppy parenting. Even before your puppy is ready to come home its a good time to start puppy proofing your house and thinking about what boundaries to have in place. Think of it from the perspective of a new parent. This puppy will be equivalent to a crawling infant who doesn't wear diapers! LOL. Expect them to get into everything within reach and at first having very little understanding of where the need to potty! A few things to look for around your house.....

cables/electronics, Trash bins, cleaning supplies and meds, keeping away access to a pantry, pick up any rugs off of the floor, laundry off of the floor(doodles tend to love socks and underwear) which if they consume is not a fun vet bill.

Create a space for them and limit them to this safe area for a few weeks to a few months after brining them home! You can create this space in a few different ways. You can use a puppy pen, baby gate or however it will work in your home. Puppies need boundaries and if you stick to these boundaries life with a new puppy will be much more manageable. Over time when the new puppy is getting more trust worthy you can allow them more access to your house. Inside this safe area you can keep a crate/bed and play area with toys!

Next you will need to pick up some items prior to them coming home! Below is a list of some of my favorite puppy items and only suggestions.They are in no particular order. I wouldn't go over board on your first puppy shopping trip. As you get to know your puppy you will quickly know his/her likes and dislikes and can do more shopping according to that!

• Himalayan chews

• Purina pro plan puppy food

• Stainless steel raised food bowls

• Crate/puppy playpen/babygates

• Collar, leash, tie out, harness

• Squeaky toys

• Snuggle puppy

• Poop bags

• Dog bed

• Bell for potty training

• Grooming products

• Stain and odor remover

• Puppy teething rings

• Puppy pads

• Training clicker

• Puppy blanket

• Hands free leash for leash training

• Name tag

• Patients and a puppy plan!

• Freeze dried training treats

• Nylabone puppy

• Kong

• Chilly bone

• Nylabone teething keys

• Antler

• Nuvet vitamins

The puppy stage is exhausting but it is crucial that you work through it with a schedule and plan! This is the time to build a strong bond with them that will last forever. I encourage you to reach out to MAK PACK DOG TRAINING and take the puppy classes. It is worth it! Putting in the hard work now will pay off down the road.

Congratulations on your new Sunny Doodle!!

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