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Thank you Badass breeder!!!

HOLY MOLY!!! Talk about a 24/7 around the clock job!!!!

Yes, puppy whelping is a ton of work but it is so worth it! The moment you meet the puppies when they are born is incredible. The first few nights are sleepless. Lots of worrying! Watching super closely so momma doesn't squish them, making sure they are eating enough, making sure momma is ok, and just simply staring at them.

I've prepared myself for this for years!! But no matter how much you prepare there is always something that comes up!

I owe a HUGE thank you to Jeanette for writing her book "The ultimate badass breeders guide". Even thought this puppy raising buisness is a lot of work her guide has really given me a path to success! Her philosophy is "uniting breeders on a mission to change breeding from bad to badass. Not only has she provided a guide, she provides hours and hours of extra training on just about everything relating to both puppy raising and business related topics. Im not sure if anyone else has wanted to set a standard for breeders but she definitely has. I have 100% respect for her (I'm sure she barely knows who I am LOL) and owe her a million THANK YOUS!! My plan is to take what I learn and mold my program around it. Continue to grow and continue to be better.

This little post was inspired by me staring at the puppies this morning thinking about the daily curriculum that starts tomorrow. Early neurological stimulation and scent introduction. This will be our daily routine for the next few weeks. I am excited to start seeing some of who they are so I can pass it along to their future families!


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