• Autumn Ferrian

The weeks ahead!

Puppies always find the families they were meant to be with! Summer and Mr. Wilsons last little F1bb girl found her family this week. I love chocolates and I think she is just gorgeous! Only 1 month before they get to go home!! These puppies are weighing in between 5-6 pounds right now. Take home day is scheduled for September 23rd.

This week we will be welcoming Mr. Wilson and Jojo's litter. We are so excited to meet them! Jojo's expected due date is Friday August 28th. My guess is we might get to meet them a day or 2 earlier than Friday! It is always fun to see what colors are produced! Looking forward to these 9-10 bundles of curliness.

Coming up next Mr. Wilson and Holly puppies going home!!!! September 5th is the big day! I am sure the count downs have already begun. These puppies are going to be fun to watch grow! By far these puppies should mature to the largest Mr. Wilson puppies we have seen. My guess is 70 pounds at the smallest at full maturity! We shall see...

October will be here in no time at all!!! Mr. Wilson and Tessa will be expecting their 2nd litter around October 14th! Which means these puppies are going home as someones Christmas present! Puppy take home day should be the week before Christmas. We had a very interesting first litter and are expecting litter number 2 to be just as colorful! We had solid black, black abstracts, phantoms, creams with liver points, and a cute little wild sable. We had a little boy in this litter that looked identical to a golden retriever. We also had puppies with super curly coats! The last litter have great temperaments and are very smart! These puppies really ranged in size! We are expecting 45-60 pounds at maturity.

As of right now.. that's all I've got!

Have a happy Sunday,



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