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Whats new at Sunny Doodles?

Its been an amazing winter of intense puppy raising!! Whats going on? Whats new? Whats coming up?

Well first off we are currently raising our first donation puppy RIGHT NOW in our Boulder Creek litter!! This is pretty exciting for me. This is a goal I've had for many years and its finally coming to light. Which means we are now looking for our next facility project. What are we looking for you ask? We would love to get another puppy into a local elementary school...but we are open to a different type of project as well. Please reach out to apply for this special project.

We have 2 puppies available in our Boulder Creek litter! These puppies are Double Doodles (lab/golden/poodle) and are expected to reach 35-45+ at maturity. They will have beautiful wavy coats at maturity. These puppies are being raised on an advanced curriculum and once pick out day comes on March 24th we will be able to tell you all about their personalities. These puppies go home April 1st.

Next up, we have Miss Truly due March 23 with 10-11 mini-medium Goldendoodles (35-40ish). All of these puppies will be chocolate with abstract/tuxedo/parti patterning. We have lots of room on this litter. Puppies will go home in May! Reach out to place a deposit down and have an early picking spot!

We are waiting for our little Rosey Momma to start her heat cycle so we can expect our smallest sized mini goldendoodles(18-23)! We have not opened up our deposit list quite yet but expect to soon!

We are planning on moving forward with Baylee's retirement litter of F1 aussiedoodle's this summer! Baylee's last litter of puppies were amazingly smart. We are super excited to raise her last litter and hopefully just like last time one will move onto service work. We are accepting deposits for this litter.

We have multiple guardian home opportunities! If your interested in joining our Sunny Doodle family reach out and apply!

Whats coming up for Fall, Winter, and 2023?? LOTS!!! Sheepadoodles and Bernedoodles......have been added to our program. WHY? We are working to have multiple Doodle breeds available in our program to cover as many "working" opportunities as possible. Why do we love raising puppies and instilling as much service potential in them as possible? Our curriculum is intense. We work closely with each puppy as an individual vs a group. This not only is beneficial to our pups that go into service work... we get to know each puppy so well that our families who adopt puppies from us as a pet home get a puppy that really fits their lifestyle. We strive to have close relationships with our families and really get to know them so we can make puppy matching successful!!!

For more information never hesitate to reach out.

Happy almost Spring


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