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What does each generation mean?

F1= Golden Retriever+Poodle

F1b=. F1 Goldendoodle+Poodle

F1bb= F1b Goldendoodle+Poodle

F2= F1+F1

F2b= F1+F1b


Multigen=later generation doodles paired. Both parents are Goldendoodles

We enjoy all generations of Doodles. We Genetic test to make sure we are producing Doodles that are as hypoallergenic as possible.

Do your Doodles shed?

All of our Doodles are expected to be low to non-shedding. We use genetic traits to help guide us when choosing our parents. We cannot guarantee a puppy to have zero shedding. The puppies we produce are fully furnished(fluffy facial hair) with straight, wavy and curly coat types.

What if my preferred gender, coat or coloring is not available?

*We encourage our families to be open to color and gender and to choose a puppy that will best fit into your lifestyle. If we do not have a puppy born in a litter that suits you no need to worry! We allow you to move your reservation over to a different litter 2 times!

Do you offer a Health guarantee?

Absolutely!!! We offer a 2 year Health Guarantee against congenital defects. 

Do you offer breeding rights?

We rarely offer full rights. We do require a spay/neuter contract to be signed in order to adopt one of our puppies.

Does a licensed vet give first vaccinations?

Yes, puppies are seen by a vet before go home and will have a detailed report.

Do you offer any discounts?

We offer a police, military, and social worker discount of 12%.

Do you allow puppy visits?

We allow 1 puppy visit for families with a reservation fee already placed. We no longer allow families to come and visit without a reservation fee. Why? Puppies are very much like newborn babies and they do not have the ability to fight germs and infections. Parvo can be picked up and transmitted to the puppies very easily along with  other viruses. Parvo can take years to try and get off of your property.

How do I get to see my puppy from birth-8weeks?

We offer a private app for families to view behind the scenes pictures and short videos! We also provide families with access to our live puppy cam. You will watch them learn and grow and once its "go home time" you will  get to know your puppy as if you raised them yourself. We also post on social media often.

Will my puppy come home crate trained and potty trained?

Unfortunately puppies don't hold the brain capacity under 8 weeks of age to go home fully trained. However,  we do teach our puppies patterns and when the pattern is replicated once brought home it may  seem like your puppy was potty or crate trained.  We practice crate exposure on a daily basis with our puppies. We also have them  use the doggy door starting at 5 weeks old. Once puppies reach 7 weeks old they are using the doggy door to go outside and pee 75% and 99% of the time they use it to go outside to poop! Let me tell you...we thoroughly enjoy our puppies once they reach 7 weeks old:) 

What is a guardian home and why does Sunny Doodles use them?

We believe a puppy should have a forever family from the very beginning. This is why we place our breeding dogs within a carefully selected guardian home. Their first and most important job is to be their guardian familys forever companion once we have retired them from being a momma or daddy in our program. Our guardian families are absolutely the best and we wouldn't be able to operate without them. I handle all vet appointments, whelping and raising of the puppies. Our moms and dads live in a happy and spoiled household with plenty of attention and an abundance of love. 

*we occasionally have guardian home opportunities. If you are interested in becoming a part of our program please fill out an application.

How big will my puppy get?

While it is impossible to 100% guarantee size, we do our best to predict sizes based off of grandparents, parents and past litters. How genetics are inherited in each puppy can sometimes be vastly different.  

Why do you hold pick 1 and sometimes pick 2 in each litter?

Sunny Doodles reserves the right to hold pick 1 and sometimes chooses to hold pick 2 for a number of different reasons. Pick 1&2 can be purchased for an additional fee on certain litters. It is not guaranteed these spots will be available on a regular basis.

-maintain program


-outside program

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