Deposit for puppies is $300 and non-refundable. Puppies are picked out in order of deposit. Sunny Doodles holds pick 1 for Sunny Doodles own use however we see fit. If you want 2 puppies than 2 deposits are required. Deposits can be moved 2 times to a future litter. Deposits are void after 1 year. There is not a guarantee what pick you will be if you choose to move your deposit. Pictures/short videos are posted once per week or more. Puppies are picked out around week 4-6. At week 4-6 I will send you a email for selection and you have 24 hours to choose your puppy. It is required you are available by phone or FaceTime during the selection process otherwise you will forfeit your placement. I will provide you information to help pick out the best possible match for your needs. Puppies are picked out via FaceTime, videos or pictures, and evaluations. To ensure we do everything possible to keep puppies in optimal health we do not allow visitors. Puppies go home 8 weeks after birth. Payment and puppy adoption form are due on the day of puppy pick up. Please note a state tax of 5.6% will be added at pickup. We do offer ground transportation to CA and also offer a flight nanny service to most states. We don't allow for ground transportation through any other company due to the safety of the puppy.

Sunny Doodle puppies go home with a puppy pack and 30 days of free pet insurance! 

Microchipping is available and recommended. Sunny Doodle puppies are dewormed at 2,4,6, and 8 weeks of age. Your puppy will go home with their first set of shots. We expose puppies to early neurological stimulation and work with them on a week to week basis using a puppy raising program to help increase your odds of raising a happy, socially successful, and trainable new family member.


price is determined at birth



price is determined at birth



price determined at birth



price is determined at birth



price is determined at birth


Please reach out for information regarding stud services.

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