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keeping your new puppy on a schedule!

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Now that you finally got to bring your new doodle home… I thought I would help by providing a sample schedule! Remember consistency is key!

When Doodles needs are met, they are be happy, and they thrive. Each day includes the following:  Food -2-3 meals and hand-fed as rewards throughout the day. SleepHouse training, manners, learning to live in house with people. Mental Exercise. Physical exercise. Weather you work or stay home you can adjust the schedule. If you work full time… know that you need to turn you’re A game on at night and weekends.

Take your puppy in the car at least 1 time a week. Find a puppy class to get early socialization in! Once it is safe take your doodle somewhere new like a park or your kids sports!

Sample schedule

6am - Wake up and take puppy outside to toilet. Don’t even try to make a cup of coffee before. LOL. If you choose to potty train with treats please make sure it is given instantly after potty has been completed.

6:10am - 7am  Feed puppy in gated area. Kongs or treat dispensing toy can be left near puppy for once food is finished. During this time you can prepare yourself for work. Or make coffee It is nice to make your puppy sit before they get their food.

7am- Take puppy out to toilet again.

7:10-8am -Playtime! Spend time tossing a toy for puppy while you have coffee. Use this time to work on commands. Like sit, lay down and some of the basics. Teach 1 command at a time! Keep your eyes on puppy but take a minuet here and there to get an email out or pack kids lunches!

8-8:30 -Walk puppy on a leash outside to potty. This is a nice time to get your new doodle used to a leash!

8:30am -12:30pm – If you work….put puppy in crate for nap and confinement. If you are home use this time to take a break from puppy and run an errand or throw laundry in the wash. Its nice to take them out for a potty break if you can at first every hour. Leave puppy with a safe chewy toy. Bully sticks, Kong, nylabone, himalyan cheese stick.

12:30-12-50pm – Puppy is taken outside to potty and at least 20 minuets of outside playtime or if puppy is all caught up on shots you can go for a walk. This is a good time to offer your puppy some food! Think of it as a little snack!

12:50-1:15pm: Eat your lunch while keeping an eye on the puppy. Let your Doodle explore a little. Maybe throw a ball or play tug a war with a rope toy. Take your doodle out again to potty.

1:15pm-5:15pm: If you work you can put puppy back in the crate. Remember: your brand new 8 week old doodle is going to have a tough time with this. They want to be right with you and next to your side. It is important that you form a strong bond with them. If you are home cut these crated hours down with maybe a play session and potty break during the middle.

5:15pm -5:30pm: Potty time!

5:30 -6pm: In gated area let your doodle hang out with favorite toys. Feed your doodle dinner. You can even hand feed your doodle or have your kids do so. Get dinner prepared. If you have children in the home have them spend this time interacting with the puppy and keeping him/her entertained. Double win!

6pm-6:30pm- free play in the house out of gated area. This is a good time to work on commands or just snuggle. Keep a close eye on your doodle puppy in case they need to potty! Eat dinner.

6:30-7:15 - Evening fun! Play in the backyard, walk pup around neighborhood if shots are completed, take him to a local park. This might be a good time to give your puppy a last sip of water. I tend to take my puppies water away after 7:45/8pm until they are fully potty trained.

7:15 -9:30 – Free play in house! But watch them closely. They may need to go out to potty… so watch for signs. Good time for a chewy like a bully stick or other safe chew. Spend 10 minuets doing some basic training!

9:30-9:45 -potty time!

9:45-10pm: Time to calm down! Spend this time petting and loving your doodle!

10/11pm -Its bedtime for your doodle puppy! Listen for crying and take out to potty to avoid night accidents!

A few things to keep in mind…..

*8 scheduled opportunities to toilet outside as well as appropriate supervision and confinement to assist house training.

*2-3 scheduled feeding times. 1 of these times it helps to feed using a food dispensing toy to provide your puppy with some fun mental stimulation. Doodles need this!

*Training and manners is happening all day with several specific opportunities to practice in 5-10 minute periods. Walking, sitting for toys and food, rewarding proper potty habits and proper supervision and confinement all teach pup how to behave.

*6 opportunities daily for mental exercise -eating from toys, playing with you and training time. Providing new toys and different types of puppy safe chew sticks.

*Walks totaling 1.5 hours as well as anything else you add during pup's free time in the house with you.

*8 hours a day pup is free in house, semi-confined in a gated area or is outside.

*5 or more of specific opportunities to chew at appropriate items.

DO WHAT YOU CAN!!!!!!!!This won't last forever. The more you rotate toys and exercise your Doodle physically and mentally, the easier it will be. It’s important to focus on your puppy right now! If you can’t do it yourself… Reach out to your neighborhood and see if any high school student wants to make a few bucks! I’m sure they would love it! Hire a trainer for more help with anything that isn't working for you...sooner than later! Again, you have heard me say this before but Mak pack dog training is awesome! They have some really reasonable classes!

Around 6 months your pup should be able to sleep freely in your house! Which will eliminate 8 hours in his crate! Between 8 months and 14 months your doodle can be transitioned out of his crate and into the house without supervision. Some take a little longer. Training and mental stimulation should happen your doodles whole life!!! I really hope this helps get you all an idea of what your day might look like! Modify, and do what you can! You and your family have to figure out what is going to work for you. I just wanted to give you some ideas! Another little thing to remember. Doodles want to be with you 24/7. Whenever possible include them. Even if it is just a ride in the car to drop off a kiddo at sports…. It will make them soooooo happy!


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