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Puppy Grooming!

Lets be honest....puppies are dirty more than they are clean. Durning the potty training stage it can be frustrating how often you need to bathe them. Due to doodles sensitive coat and skin you will need to choose your puppy grooming products carefully! Your Doodle puppy CANNOT go to the groomers until they have completed all of their shots! It is important to get them used to being groomed as this will be a huge part of their life. It makes life easier if they learn to love it. This is what I recommend. As you know I love NuVet products. I believe in them and trust that they make safe and affordable products! When you order your NuVet Plus wafer for immune support I suggest you put a few other items in your cart!

  1. Doodles in general need lots of ear cleaning! NuVet ear cleaner helps reduce ear wax and keeps those doodle ears clean and healthy! Plan on cleaning your Doodles ears 2 times per week. Also note at some point they will either need to be plucked or clipped. Everyone with doodle experience will tell you keeping those ears clean is a must!

  2. Doodles coat and skin can be sensitive so you need to be careful what type of cleansers you are using on their skin. NuVet puppy or NuVet conditioning oatmeal shampoo are both great detergent and soap free options. The NuVet puppy is specially formulated to be PH balanced for young puppies sensitive skin.

  3. We all have fallen in love with the Doodle coat!!!! NuVet conditioning spray will help keep your doodles skin conditioned. This spray is coconut based and delivers essential vitamins. It also is infused with a cherry blend that keeps you doodle huggable. This can also be used as a dry shampoo! Easy peasy!

So what else do you need you ask?? Here are a few things I like to keep around.....

  1. Free and clear baby wipes. Not gonna lie... Sometimes those potty areas need a little cleaning up and we don't always have time to give them a full bath. I also like to use these on ears on the days I don't use the NuVet ear cleaner.

  2. Puppy nail clipper or electric grinder. Puppy nails are sharp! At some point they will come in handy.

  3. Wet brush! This is a great gentle brush to use on your puppy. Find time everyday to brush them. Even if it is only a few minuets!

  4. Metal comb. When the wet brush isn't enough... the long metal combs really get down to the skin to get tangles or knots out.(eventually you will want to buy a slicker brush but puppies tend not to like it)

  5. If you have a scissors around your house that you don't mind using on your doodle then those will work. Otherwise you might want to grab a cheap pair of grooming scissors so that you can trim around your pups eyes and butt area. If you are feeling extra ambitious you can buy an inexpensive clippers off of amazon. You will need 2 people to do this. Thankfully curly hair is forgiving. You can't screw it up to bad. But again because your puppy can't go to the groomers for awhile you will probably need to get these areas trimmed.

A little trick... grooming your puppy can be a challenge. Invest in a lickmat for dogs and spread a thin layer of peanut butter to distract your puppy while you are working on them. They do tend to try to bite the brush or whatever tool you are using on them.

When your Doodle puppy blows their puppy coat which can start as early as 5 months they will shed a little. At this time their adult coat will start to come in! At this time you will get a clearer picture of what type of coat your doodle actually will have.

One last thing! I wasn't sure where to put this in... but any puppy owner knows this is a must. Puppies are messy and you will need to clean up after them alot! I sometimes use a diluted vinegar mix to clean up puppy accidents but sometimes I get sick of the smell and want something a little more fresh and clean smelling while still being safe and not using any harsh chemicals. NuVet stain and odor remover is so nice! It is a organic multipurpose cleaner. It has a nice scent and removes stains and odors instantly! You are able to use this on pretty much anything.

Again, Happy puppy shopping and I hope this helps!! There is nothing better than a soft, fluffy doodle puppy that smells amazing and is 100% huggable!!

Peace, Love and happiness,


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