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The crate

The crate is a necessary evil at first! At some point they will need to be ok with being in one. Even is its not going to be in used in your home it will be used for them at some point: If you plan on going on vacation it is a nice option for whomever is doodle sitting! If you plan on boarding them than most likely they will be crated for certain times during the day. When you take your doodle to the vet for spay or neuter they will be crated. So its just a good thing to crate train. Work with your doodle enough so that their crate is there own space that they enjoy! A few things that have worked for me....

  1. Introduce your new puppy to the crate in a low pressure situation. During this time keep the door open. Create a comfortable environment.

  2. put a treat in the back of the crate and allow your puppy to crate themselves while using the word kennel for a command word.

  3. DO NOT take your puppy out of the crate when it is whining or barking. unless you know it is potty time. Your puppy comes out when they are quiet. To determine maximum crate time a little rule is 1 hour per month of age plus 1. So your 8 week old puppy shouldn't be crated for more than a 2.5-3 hour span. No matter your doodles age please don't leave them crated for more than 7 hours.

  4. Put your doodle puppy in the crate often in the first few weeks. Even if it is just for a few minuets. Sit next to them and keep a hand in with them for comfort. Also talk to them to let them know that they are just fine and this is very normal.

  5. Nighttime during the first few weeks is tough! Maybe I am crazy but I like to set up a comfortable sleeping area next to the crate for myself. I use a twin foam mattress, pillow and blanket. I do not allow for puppies to be in my bedroom. I like to keep the puppy in the area that they are in during the day! On night 1 of being home I typically sleep next to the crate all night so that I know my puppies night behavior. You can expect whining and whimpering. To settle this put fingers or a hand in the crate to let them know they are not alone and use your voice to tell them they are ok. I take them out to potty every 3 hours this first night. Every night after the first I spend less time next to them. Note: your puppy will need to go out to potty at least 1-2 times every night for awhile. Your doodle puppy will be sad and have some anxiety in the beginning so be patient and know this to will come to an end. It will be very similar to having a newborn baby.

  6. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't.... But when your puppy goes into the crate and they do lots of whining or barking you can try to settle them by putting a blanket or crate cover over them. Doing this can make them feel more secure.

Be considerate and kind to your new puppy as they just got taken from their mom and littermates. Also please keep in mind that the longer they are confined the more exercise and stimulation they will need when they come out. Often as your doodle puppy gets older you will find them going into their crate for a nap by themselves which means you have done a really good job at making them feel comfortable in their area.

Your doodle puppy wants to be right next to you most of the time so please don't use the crate to avoid spending time with your puppy.


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