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Thinking of becoming a guardian home family? Here are the deets!

What is a Guardian Home?

A Guardian Home is a family that receives a top quality breeding puppy who becomes a member of their family . At certain times during the breeding periods the dog is returned to Sunny Doodles. Outside of these times, or after the guardianship term is completed, the dog becomes the families forever puppy-dog.

Why Do We Offer a Guardian Home Program?

At Sunny Doodles all of our dogs are family members, living with us in our home. Being committed to producing the highest quality dogs within our ability we believe all dogs need the attention and companionship of living in a loving home. This includes raising our breeding dogs and their puppies in a home, not in a kennel situation. In order to maintain this standard and at the same time expand our breeding program, future breeding dogs will be placed in qualified guardian homes.

How Do You Benefit?

We give you a top of the line puppy to bring into your home, with a Guardian home contract. We have all breeding rights and make choices about the dogs breeding mission. If said dog isn’t used in the breeding program, we give you an enormous discount on the initial price of the puppy- dog. In exchange for this a guardian family agrees to follow the conditions set out by Sunny Doodles while dog is in our breeding program. At the end of the guardianship term, when the dog is retired from breeding, we pay for spay or neutering.

Other benefits include:

  • You receive the best quality breeding puppy chosen by us

  • We pay for all breeding-related veterinarian expenses

  • A huge discount if you buy a puppy from us or we may do another guardianship.

  • The satisfaction of knowing that you and your family are giving a wonderful breeding dog a loving family environment, and he or she is your new forever fur baby.

What We Require

Requirements of our Guardian Homes:

  • You live within 1 hour or so drive from Gilbert Arizona.

  • You are willing to allow us to meet with you at your home prior to, and occasionally during, the breeding program

  • You are willing to meet or do pick ups and drop offs.

  • You feed your dog only quality food recommended by us

  • You provide socialization and basic obedience at home.

  • You understand the responsibilities of caring for a breeding dog

  • You are willing to return the dog to us during breeding, puppies are whelped and raised by Sunny Doodles.

  • You agree to regular health check-ups, basic veterinary care.

  • You communicate freely with us about the health and condition of the dog. Important that you take tons of good pictures and you must share tons of photos and videos with us.

Reach out if you would like to be a part of our Sunny Doodles guardian home family!

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