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Poisonous food for Dogs!

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Doodles are family! Having 4 kids of my own I can tell you it is sometimes a challenge to make sure my kiddos are not feeding my dogs any human foods. The reason we have made this a house rule is because there are many human foods that are deadly to dogs. Not to mention we did not want a dog begging for food at dinner time. If you even suspect your doodle has gotten into something they shouldn't... then seek help immediately. How fast you get them help could mean life or death.

Call your vet immediately or Animal Poison Hotline 1-888-232-8870

7 foods that you absolutely do NOT want your doodle to get into or eat are:

  1. avocado

  2. xylitol (In most gum)

  3. coffee, tea, caffeine

  4. grapes/raisins

  5. alchohol & yeast

  6. chocolate

  7. salt

Here is a more complete list of foods that are not good for your doodle:

  1. onions/garlic

  2. middles of any fruit. pear pip, apricot, apple core

  3. potato peelings/raw potato

  4. rhubarb leaves

  5. anything spoiled

  6. yeast dough

  7. toothpaste

  8. coffee grounds, beans

  9. tomato leaves and stems

  10. broccoli

  11. cigarettes

  12. nutmeg

  13. turkey skin

  14. voltarin

  15. baby foods

  16. citrus oil

  17. fat trimmings

  18. human vitamins that contain iron

  19. large amounts of liver

  20. mushrooms

  21. raw fish

WOWZA!!!!!! So many right??? The crazy thing is that there are more! So just be careful! Its just a good ground rule to stick to kibble or treats that are dog approved! I wouldn't want anyone in the position of having to deal with this. If you have any doubts at all contact the Animal Poison Hotline.


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